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 Our Mission

One mission is to have our presence in other cities across India. We would like to extend this heritage and make available these exquisite designs of crockery, home décor and gifting essentials more easily accessible in other cities.

Meet The Team

Mask Group-3 - Copy.png

Andrew Simoes

Mask Group-2 - Copy.png

Maria Simoes

Mask Group-1 - Copy.png

Johnson Simoes

Mask Group-4 - Copy.png

Late. Xavier Simoes

Mask Group.png

Kher Simoes

Natasha Parekh.png

Natasha Parekh e Simoes


The Vision

We, the team at Casa Macao, envisage a dream of housing under our roof an entire selection of home décor and other items that will compliment our already existing collection of crockery items. In our endeavor to do so, we aim to give to our shoppers a cultural perspective in the richness of the bygone era.

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About Us

Creative Process

Each of the crockery pieces undergo a five time heating process which makes it strong and durable. Hence, it is strong and can bear extreme heat. The colour indigo is embossed or hand painted by artists skilled in the art of traditional Macau crockery. Hence, each piece may have slight alterations in design and size thereby also increasing the value of the product.

The motifs and signage on most of the crockery pieces speak of the traditional stories weaved along the ancient history of the bygone era and depict life in these times.
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